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The Marrow of It


MFA Thesis Exhibition

Bamboost Park, 3495 5th St., Northport AL 35476

Reception: Thursday October 2, 2014, 5:00pm until dark,

on display through 2015


Everyday materials, such as plastic grocery bags and packaging foam, are embedded within each form and serve as the marrow of each piece.  These typically discarded materials are resurfaced with concrete to create pieces that are installed outdoors and explore ideas of nature and its manipulation.  The works reference cycles of growth and erosion in a Southern landscape.


After the outdoor pieces are installed, the surrounding environment is allowed to naturally grow around  the pieces as if they were remnants of past natural forms and architectural constructions.  The landscape  is manicured to provide a way to navigate the space while allowing a natural environment to surround these synthetic creations. 

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