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My art addresses current issues through concept-based work. Utilizing architectonic structures and grids, the spatial compositions examine how systems facilitate and/or limit opportunity, autonomy and mobility. Process and formal choices serve as a metaphor for ideas conveyed through a universal language that transcends the specific, allowing the viewer’s participation within the created framework.


Containment and Immure suggest current social restrictions. Tension between the bursting interior and the solid barrier simultaneously suggests prevention of transmission and frustrated desires to connect.


Underpinning shows two iterations of a grid, one supported through connections and a second stretched thin with no support, distorting the geometry. The work illustrates the consequences of social division and the loss of social support.

Birthright consists of two similar forms with superficial differences. Both are blue on one side and purple on the reverse. Any distinction depends on how they are viewed. One is elevated for no apparent reason, reflecting on and questioning social privilege.

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