Meredith Knight
Birmingham, AL


2018 & 2019


My work focuses on art as a vehicle for addressing social issues through concept-based work that is consistently well-crafted and thoughtfully planned. Through sculpture and installation, my art utilizes architectonic grids, systems, and structures. The spatial compositions examine how structures facilitate and/or prohibit access to opportunity, autonomy, mobility, and a free exchange of ideas.

Wall hangings and pedestal pieces, including  Grid, Shift, Underpining, Moor, Racked, Mobility, Hackle and System, are iterations of grid patterns and systems that are cut, incised, and/or printed on clay and in some cases then stretched, pushed, pulled, and distorted. These pieces encourage viewers to examine what happens to a form if some areas are supported and raised up, while others areas are under pressure and suppressed, as can be seen in A Force To Be Reckoned With.

“Underpinning” shows two iterations of a grid system, one that is supported structurally and a second that has been stretched, distorting the grid. The artwork encourage viewers to examine what happens to a form if it is supported and raised up, and what happens to a form when it is stretched thin and under pressure. Underpinning seeks to expand the narrative of who is supported structurally and examines how support or lack of it can influence or determine the life outcomes of an individual.


“Birthright” consists of two structurally similar forms, each with superficial differences. Both are royal blue on one side and purple on the reverse, giving them a different appearance based on how they are viewed. One is elevated above the other for no apparent reason. “Birthright” encourages viewers to reflect on social privilege and question inequality based on race, gender, and class.